SFR eShop 4 Years Package
100% Authentic 10.10 Sales

SFR eShop 4 Years Package
Product: ShopForReal eShop
Period: 4 years
Consist of
1. ShopForReal.com listing
2. Listing on Partner sites
3. Neraby Shop Listing (Google Map)
4. BulkOrderNow (Supplier Catalogue)
ShopForReal is a platform where "Real Shop" sellers hosting their own interactive live shopping videos to showcase their real store and featured products with online buyer engagement in real time.
With ShopForReal Live Streaming
1. Buyer can connect and interact with "Real Shop" shoppers to purchase directly through the livestream instead hassle going to the "Real Shop" which might travel in long distance or hours.
2. It is great way to gain customers and followers even the customers or followers are not at your "Real Shop" area.
3. Increase exposure for Shoppers products, demonstrate their strength or benefits, and most important driving the sales.
4. Shoppers just need go live stream whenever your ?Real Shop? is open for business and your potential walk in customer might be in real or online.