Adult Face Shield (Full Face Cover)
100% Authentic 10.10 Sales

Stylish & comfortable face shield designed to keep you from habitually touching your face.

- 100% brand new material
- Lightweight and easy to operate
- Wide coverage and safety protection
- Transparent lens is PET material, the frame is made of high-quality PC material
- Easy to disassembly and assembly
- Suitable for home, travel, laboratory, and more

* Anti-dust: Effectively block sand dust, iron filings. etc. when in engineering operations
* Anti-spitting splash: 360degrees enclosed, effectively prevents saliva splashing, and fully protects the face & eyes
* Anti-fogging: Anti-fog coating on both sides of the shield can effectively prevent fog and improve clarity
* Anti-spray
* Anti-smoke
* Anti-exhaust
* Anti Droplets
* Oil splash proof
* Super durable

Name: Face Shield
Colour: Transparent Shield
Weight: 100g
Main use: Used control, laboratories, chemical plants, kitchen cleaning, households and etc.