Oxford International English | Oxford International Primary English Student Anthology 2
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Author: Sarah Snashall
ISBN/EAN: 978-0-19-839217-0
Publisher: N/A
Published Date: 16/01/2014
Edition: N/A
Country of Publication: United Kingdom
Language: English
Pages: 96

Content Description:

A structured language and literacy course with an international approach

Level 1 of a 6 levelled course specifically designer for the international classroom. Each Anthology chapter is split into thematic chapters of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from around the world and should be used alongside the write-in Student Activity Book to develop reading comprehension, writing and speaking and listening skills.

Thematic units of fiction or poetry or non-fiction expose children to rich language from around
Word clouds highlight new vocabulary allowing you to get children ready for reading the extracts
Accompanying write-in Student Activity Book includes activities linked to anthology extracts to develop reading comprehension, writing, and speaking and listening skills.
A Teacher Resource Book provides step-by-step guidance on delivery the core skills effectively and consistently